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Space Striker
This is my first Game I have made myself, so please tell me how it is made??
It has only one level till now and it's a small time-pass game. I hope you will like it. This is my first try so please be lenient.

Here the Download link: http://www.ziddu.com/download/13393347/S...r.exe.html

[Image: screenshotglj.png]

Moved to programming ~ SirFrog
!!!Have GUTS???
Then show them Off!!! :p
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why not post it on yoyogames? :D

also, i dont like it. its not bad for a first try, its just that i dislike most first/unfinished projects :P

advice: study collisions. sometimes you cant even move the paddle. and either write a help file for f1 or remove the f1 function ;)
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It looks pretty cool to me and that it is a first try makes it even better nice job
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