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[Char] Azazel V2
:thumbs up: 
Interesting character.I think that your work has been good.:D
(mabye you will make V3)
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I might release a version 3 or the final version will be included in my mod (LF2-RoD)... rolleyes

What I'm currently fixing: Hammer of Hell

Needs improvement on catching: Other Dimension & Soul Absorber
[Image: azazel.gif]
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Really great work you've done.
Change the chaos serpent thing to something like firen flame i suggest.
what i mean is that it walks nonstop and loops.
but -15 mp everystep it takes, until the mp bar is empty.
thats what i did and it was more fun.

looking forward to ur next project, hope it would be in water element.
P.S. also i added healself power to your soul absorder move.

you can also try to absorb the mp from the enemy XD
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