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Character: Sandbag Variations
[Image: sandbags.png]

some time ago i have created new sandbags with different weights.
i can now present you a light (original), medium, and heavy sandbag.

to me the orignal sandbag was a lot of fun, but way too light.
you can do insanely long combos on him without ever dropping him.
so i made the medium sandbag which is slightly heavier and once in the air better relfects the behaviour
of a knocked out character you can juggle around - combos are much harder here, but most things you can
do with him can be done with a real opponent aswell.
and taking it even further the heavy sandbag is of course barely liftable.
(original sandbag from super smash brothers melee)

you can select them as opponents in vs mode.
but be sure to either have many of them or a real character from another team,
because once hit for the first time a sandbag becomes a member of your team
and if there is no opposing team left the fight will end.

to end a fight with sandbags just knock them off screen or hit F9 to destroy them.
other than that they should be indestructible.

you may select them as a character in game

Vote Yes if you want the sandbag combo list to be migrated to the LFE forums!
18 days
22 votes
10 thanks
0 posts
1 more condition

if you want me to migrate the list over here
i want to see three members posting new sandbag combos
that arent on the old list
inside this thread
judging by these statistics it should be possible

would the list thread go into forum games or does it have to stay inside the lf2 zone?
also should the thread feature some kind of challanges/voting every now and then?
changing a threads poll can sometimes be quite a problem from what ive seen ...

your turn
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i take the first step. sorry, it's just one combo, but now no time to do another, will do later.
Disclaimer: Don't complain about the traces. it's the followings of resizing.
Neither complain about crappiness of the combo, before YOU have done one.
Two more.
Just waiting for the audio tags to become a thing
>My other musical "masterpieces"<
Thanks given by: YinYin
nice one

(01-08-2011, 10:12 PM)Jerkington XIII Wrote:  i take the first step. sorry, it's just one combo, but now no time to do another, will do later.
Disclaimer: Don't complain

time is not a concern and i have no intentions to ever complain

(01-08-2011, 10:12 PM)Jerkington XIII Wrote:  before YOU have done one.
i do have the right to complain i guess (Click to View)
who will be next to gain the right to complain?
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