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[JAVA] Need a good tutorial link...
(12-10-2010, 07:25 PM)Xidd Wrote:  yes... you need to call repaint(); :p. the first example calls it through a timer that it setup
the minesweeper one calls it every time a peice is moved

*rages cheering while cheering ragingly*
Dang it o.o
Couldn't just ANY tutorial about basic image implementation mentioned it somewhat clearer that you need this freakin command line to actualize the interface >.<

Now, thx, guess this means i have all parts for programming further ^^' If the mouse action works flawless once i implemented it, that is.
Just wanted to note: Image implementation works, completely ^^ goind to sleep now and will start designing menus and the main-thread tomorrow/today...
Ok, guess i need help again.
After a long day of work, the image implementation is quite completed, debugged.
As well, i already tested and debugged the majority of the logic in the game.

However, i just failed on implementing the Mouse thingy... tried my version, a tutorial one and the one you gave me...
I somehow guess, there's against a single command i didn't notice... or something...

I inserted a text display whenever any of the mouse-event-methods are triggered... and whenever i start up the program, it will register ONE SINGLE mouseaction after the GUI has run it's testing orders ( moving units etc).
editedit: The mouseaction is a "mouse enters" type...
Awww, come on...
I created an empty, indefinite "for loop" and it started working >.<
Dragged will not report anything so far, but that doesn't really matter :D

*solved again*
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Return (String) System.getNewsOfTheDay();
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