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STM1993's LF2 Newbie FAQs
~Strike_Spy1993~Original post at official forums here, made by me: I hope you find it useful!

I’ve seen a lot of topics like “How to Grab” etc all over this forums. So here I am, and I am going to answer those questions. If you have anything important that are for the basics, please pos t them here and I’ll update it when I can.

> = Forward
< = Backwards
>> = Run
A = Punch
J = Jump
D = Defend. Blocking reduces a large deal of damage that are infront of the character. However, blocks can be broken by a few hits.

Dash = >>J (While running, press jump)
Flipping in mid-air = Press J when you’re falling down at a specific time, sometime just after you fall down.

(C) or (G) = Grab. See number 3 for more information.

1. How do I roll?
There are a few ways to perform a roll:
A) The most basic: While running, press D ( >>D)
B) After you jump, when you are just about to land, press D.
C) After flipping in mid-air, when you are about to land, press D.

2. How do I get Julian/Firzen/LouisEX/Bat or the other characters?
I have FIVE things to say to you:
A) You can get Firzen by getting Firen and Freeze to run towards each other if both of them have 33% hp and below. This is called fusing. However, you cannot be Firzen permanently, and pressing DJA will split back to Firen and Freeze again. If you used the cheat code you can fuse any time you want.
B) You can get LouisEX by using Louis, and pressing DJA when you have 25% hp and below. When you use the cheat code you can transform any time you want.
C) Julian and Bat and the other characters that are unselectable have to be unlocked with a cheat.
D) You want to know the cheat code? If you want to try it out yourself, finish stage mode on “Difficult” and you’ll see the cheat code and DO NOT finish reading the last sentence of this.
For those who can’t stand it, its

Last but not least:
E) Next time,

3. How to grab?
Hit the opponent until he is in the “dance of pain”, then walk towards the opponent. You will automatically grab him. How do you tell if the enemy is dancing in pain? You should see the enemy shaking or grabbing his tummy for a few quick seconds. How many hits to dance of pain? Here is a guide list:

Template: 3 punches
Julian: 2 punches
Firzen: 3 punches
LouisEX: 2 stabs
Bat: 3 punches
Justin: 3 punches
Knight: 2 slashes
Jan: 3 slaps XD
Monk: 3 punches
Sorcerer: 3 attacks
Jack: 3 punches
Mark: 2 punches
Hunter: 1 arrow
Bandit: 3 punches
Deep: 2 slashes
John: 3 attacks
Henry: 1 arrow
Rudolf: 3 shurinkens
Louis: 3 punches
Firen: 3 punches
Freeze: 3 claws
Dennis: 2 kicks
Woody: 3 punches
Davis: 3 punches

4. What is armour class?
Armour class is a special thing for some characters. It makes the character able to withstand a few attacks as if he was blocking. (Like blocking, it doesn’t totally reduce damage to 0) The characters below have armour class:

Julian. He has the best armour class, you need to hit him quite a number of times.
Knight. He has the second best armour class. You need to hit him quite a few times, but that does not apply if he is hit by fire or ice.
Louis. He has the weakest armour class, where you only need to hit him about once to take away the armour class effect temporarily. Armour class only applies to him on certain frames, so it doesn't work when Louis is attacking, drinking, just got up from a roll, or just flipped. Armour class doesn’t apply when he is hit by fire or ice.

5. Whats so special about energy balls?
Energy balls can be turned into ice balls when it is hit by an ice ball. Freeze can also turn energy balls into ice balls with an ordinary punch or with his ice sword.

6. Firzen just reflected a ball by defending!
Yes. Firzen, Knight and Jan’s defend can reflect most of the enemy’s balls back to the enemy. John’s shield move (D>J) has a similar effect.

7. Bat’s bats and Jan’s devils/angels are more than the usual amount! Why?
The number of bats Bat summon are usually 3, but the more enemies there are, the more are summoned. Simillarly, Jan’s devils are usually 1, but the more enemies there are, the more are summoned. Jan’s angels are only cast on herself, but if she has allies, the angels will heal all allies that she has.

8. Help! I can’t defend against Julian’s big purple ball/soul bomb!
Ordinary defending, even with Firzen’s reflective defend, is useless. Don’t try jumping over it either! All the default characters in LF2 can never jump high enough to go over the soul bomb! So here are ways to defend yourself from soul bomb:

A) If you are Henry, Louis or LouisEX, use your palm on him, aka D>A. Do it a fair distance away, as a soul bomb explodes after it takes too much damage or gets hit by the palm. The further a soul bomb goes, the more easily it will explode. Monk's D>A also works, but its range is only far enough to prevent you from being hit by the explosion.
B) Henry has another alternative that takes more mana: The critical arrow or penetrating arrow aka D>J. The arrow will be destroyed too though.
C) John can cast a shield, aka D>J. It cannot be destroyed by mere balls, even soul bomb. The soul bomb will explode when it touches the shield, so stand a distance away from the shield.
D) John can also cast an energy disk, aka D^A. Lets just hope that the disk doesn’t fly away from where the soul bomb is heading towards XD The disk is destroyed too if it hits the soul bomb.
ANOTHER soul bomb will destroy it. See two soul bombs collide and explode violently, destroying anyone unlucky to be in the middle of the collision.
E) If all else fails, no mana or your char does not have the above moves… just walk to the side quickly (side-step it). The soul bomb will just fly pass above or below you and crash into other things instead of you. Ta-da! No mana needed ^^

For extra information, the palm, critical arrow and disk will disappear should they collide into one another. For example, if John’s disk runs into Henry’s critical arrow, both collide and disappear into thin air. Also, try to counter Julian’s soul bomb when he is about to cast it, so that the soul bomb explodes in front of him and make him deal damage to himself or any other opponent unlucky to be nearby.

9. What is super punch that everyone is talking about?
Super punch is a attack that is done when you are close to the enemy, and you press A when an enemy is in the dance of pain state or has broken his defense. Some are powerful, some are crap. The end.

10. What is DC?
Data changing. You will require a Data Changer in order to data change. Where to get it? Like I said,

11. How to sprite?
Just go to sprite, then go to sys or template1, open a bmp folder, and start having fun editing with Paint. There are also other programmes you can use such as Photofiltre and Photoshop.

12. Will there be a new version of LF2?
Officially no. The current so Lighter Fighter 3 is actually LFO, or Little Fighter Online. Marti and Starsky have their jobs and so on, and are busy. Also, if you want to see a new version of LF2, why not go and download a few? Like the famous R-LF2, Kate-LF2 and so many more! If you don’t want to download or not satisfied, then go make your own LF2 and quit whining!

13. You said nothing about the special moves of the characters!
Two things you can do. You can go the main site of , controls, and read the moveslist. You can also look at the readme.txt in your LF2. (Note: LF2 1.9 has the moveslist in the readme but 1.9c does not)

Now this is my basic guide for new players of LF2. The end. Thank you to those who truly read it and help me with this guide.

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Thanks given by: SkateBandit
<Removed Quote since unnecessary space>
can u tell me a solution?????????
OK then. whenever i play lf2 rhythm of the night (or whatever) in stage mode , at the beginning , i and my teammates die without doing anything , the screen turns black and some messages appear . i donno what to do . please help!!!!!!!!!!!! Redface :(
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denzil Wrote:<Removed Quote since unnecessary space>
can u tell me a solution?????????
OK then. whenever i play lf2 rhythm of the night (or whatever) in stage mode , at the beginning , i and my teammates die without doing anything , the screen turns black and some messages appear . i donno what to do . please help!!!!!!!!!!!! Redface :(
..Just don't pick any secret characters (including Felix), select any of the original hero-characters.
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Very well put together! You get a reputation point for that. :)

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it is his faq
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Oh it is? Thanks.

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yes, it's originally STM's tut, I just helped MH moving the important content from the old forums. Thank for pointing that out, YinYin ;)

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