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Mod: simpsons lf2
hey guys i am doing simpsons lf2 [Image: 157cf1y.png]
[Image: 2cxjf5g.png]
[Image: 5ie6e.jpg]
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How much progress have you got? It's only a sprite of a donut (which is actually pretty sucky)
Have anything more to show? :p

Good luck to your mod, btw. ;)
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i doing bart [Image: 2ytnus9.png] i need more help sad
[Image: 2cxjf5g.png]
[Image: 5ie6e.jpg]
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you know...
you could flip him
because otherwise it would be quite weird

That'll be awesome.
I mean
Just imagine :D
Dancing LF2 xD

Simoneon edited this post 08-22-2010 09:57 PM because:
or he could also moonwalk instead!
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sorry i dont now how to flip
[Image: 2cxjf5g.png]
[Image: 5ie6e.jpg]
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(08-22-2010, 09:25 PM)joncisLT Wrote:  sorry i dont now how to flip

Frankly, I recommend getting down at least the basics in regard to spriting before you start compiling an entire mod. You'll break your neck otherwise.
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AWESome , i will download it
sorry 4 my bad eng
[Image: stand-10_zpse8943b33.gif][Image: walk-11_zps3a4de3e2.gif][Image: att-3_zps48065cd2.gif]

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hey guys i flip bart [Image: 1smubr.png]
[Image: 2cxjf5g.png]
[Image: 5ie6e.jpg]
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is that really a sprite? because it totally looks like it's cut from the show.
come on, (no offense) you can redraw over the sprites and try to sprite bart! just have a go.
[Image: abstractdaad.png]
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You can be sure that this is no sprite.
Come on.
This guys has (not judging from his count but from the experience he had) 6 posts NO other Projects and doesnt even know how to FLIP him?!
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