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Character Descriptions
Another Template mod. He attacks enemies with his claws, crossbow, and jetpack. Yes, he can hit people with the jetpack, but that's beside the point.

EDIT: Yeah, that one's better than the one I wrote. Thanks. I would prefer if the jetpack was mentioned, but it's fine as it is.

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look at the actual one.. are you happy with that one too?
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ok this is done.

Phil, Eddie and I worked the last 36 hours to get the description part done

We were successful and in my opinion had a bit of fun, too. Now every single download of LFE has a small description, too.
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Wow, thanks a lot for the nice, detailed and humorous description for my background. :)
I was just about to start with mine but u guys were faster and did a splendid job as well as on all the other descriptions.
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If it's the skycity one, lol my fault. We did it all yesterday, infact I did yours at around 4:15 this morning with Phil. What fun it was to do so!



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oh yes it was fun.. only sleeping 2-3 hours. :p
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