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Best language for programming
Hay gays here is an issue that im going to be a programmer actually im doing graduation in information technology and doesn't select the language to be a good and professional programmer yet can any one suggest me that what would be the best programming language to be a programmer of future
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Programmer of the future?

You're looking down the C++ line. Works on multiple platforms, easy to understand, gives you better control compared to other programming languages - this is the one you want to learn.

It's used in a lot of nowadays programs and is an example of what LF2 was coded in. It's used for lots of PC games worldwide and is great for professionals.
So you're looking at C++. But i'd also take a look at C and C#. Others may say other stuff like Java.
If you're looking to play around with web pages - PHP is a good one to learn, followed shortly by far easier languages like HTML.
Although my advice would be, don't stick to one field entirely. Branch out a bit and learn more languages after C++.

Hope this helps you,

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(08-07-2010, 10:03 AM)Little Wrote:  Hay gays

Did he just offend 95% of the forum? XD

However, i recommend Turbo Pascal. That's the only language i ever began learning... however, it's quite close to C+(+), so you could also just stick with that one...
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Hey, Guys (not Gays).

But, if you want to be a programmer, then I would recommend PHP if you wanna be an online Programmer (Webmaster).

Otherwise, C++ is the best Choice.
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Definitely the best choice. And seeing that almost every programming language's syntax is very similar to C++'s, you may as well learn it.
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Actually since I'm a programming newbie, I'd recommend Javascript and Python. They're pretty easy to learn and very forgiving (e.g in variables. You don't really have to specify anything)
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c++ is a must, and then you'd want to learn c# or java (which are pretty similar, and have syntax close to c++), and are object oriented languages.

then you'd also want to be adaptable. after learning those languages, you should be able to pick up python really fast

programming is generally quite the same, no matter what language you choose (with exceptions), but those are the nice ones.
then it's also important to know web programming (everyone wants web based applications). So php (a big one),, maybe coldfusion, are server based programming languages. Then javascript (which has nothing to do with java) is a powerful client side language (works with php and u get ajax, which is cool).

and further web things to learn if u have time is actionscript (for flash applications).
command line stuff that's useful are windows shell (dos?) and bash, maybe some other stuff (perl?).

that's kinda like an overview of stuff, i probably missed a few things.

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Pick a language you find yourself comfortable with and work from there. Check those mentioned above, and if none suits your likings, search for others. You'll eventually find one you enjoy and get things going.
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(08-07-2010, 10:29 AM)Alblaka Wrote:  However, i recommend Turbo Pascal. That's the only language i ever began learning... however, it's quite close to C+(+), so you could also just stick with that one...
Let me guess: you picked informatics at school and leaned TP? :P
That reminds me of my startings :D

But yeah, C++ is a good thing to know. Actually, when you know how to program in one language, you can easily port this knowledge to others. That's at least how I managed to get used to PHP, Java, Javascript, and LUA within a fairly short time. There is obviously no "best" language but only languages that should fit your needs. Java is advertising with platform-independency while C is used to program most applications. There are tons of languages out there; and as long as you don't take the bitchy ones such as ZT, you're good to go.

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or PL1, ADA, Cobol(t) :p
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