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Tao's Temple
I have released this before under the cloak of silvas boss mode and in the shadow of julios 6 swords.
maybe it didnt get the attention it deserves, so i updated it a little for 2.0 and here it is again.

This is Martis Little Tao Si defending his temple - brought to LF2 - as a stage that will replace the survival mode


wow that looks awesome...that temple background part is from one of martis mini games isn't it?
I'll immediately download and test it out!
[Image: 165.gif]
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YinYin Wrote:should i include an interactive gong in the last phase?
You should :D

Is there something new though? I played the version that got released along with Julio. The only thing that seems new to me is that Taos helpers jump down from the roof, instead of just walking onto the field, right?
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i love the idea of the rudolfs appearing invisible :D

great work and awesome background interaction!
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excuse me everyone, i very apparently didn release anything for ages
you are all missing the data.txt lines required to get this running
(even tho you could extract them from the previous release but that requires work and thinking)

anyway the readme has been updated
and heres what you need from it:
Also add these lines to the data.txt:
id:  57  type: 0  file: data\taotemple\tao.dat
id: 234  type: 5  file: data\taotemple\tao_ball.dat
id: 235  type: 3  file: data\taotemple\tao_ball.dat
id: 236  type: 2  file: data\taotemple\tao_ball.dat
id: 8    file: data\taotemple\bg.dat
right below the forbidden tower line (id: 7    file: bg\sys\ft\bg.dat).

funny how you all already managed to comment on it tho - its amazing what media can do
who of you actually managed to play the new version before i posted this?


(08-04-2010, 08:45 AM)Lauli Wrote:  
YinYin Wrote:should i include an interactive gong in the last phase?
You should :D

Is there something new though?
screw you :p
actually only the little sequences got their timing changed a little and the background music was added as thats a new feature we didnt have before

okay - if all issues are put aside i want some real feedback now
with what characters and at what difficulty can you beat it - or how far do you get?
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Mmmm. Is there really any meaning in that ´´loading´´ that louis makes at the start of the vid? It just takes some mana but what´s the side effect?
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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sorry for geavedigging but I like to ask.
this mode is fun but only least 6 levels. Id like to know if it's ended here or there is/will be continue for that.
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Yes, I'm fairly sure that this won't be on work anymore, and YinYin himself hasn't been interested in LF2 in a long while.
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You're just dying if you're living and thinking about a betrayal, revive yourself.
Think about that one person that has trusted you forever, not the thousand people that have betrayed you.
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I don't mean to grave-dig. But, I like this!
Once I had completed all the stages, I was taken into another stage where there are Deep, and Templates. And there were falling templates who dies once he reaches the ground.

Looks like this

[Image: GdyHfwB.png]

It will never end, especially about the HP..

Was I doing something wrong when modifying data.txt or stage?
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Seems like you've messed up the original data used for the stage. Did you replace/reuse any of the ids used for the mod?

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

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