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Whaat´s some old dead project
I don't like the name Dave. Doesn't sound manly enough (if this offends anyone, sry.) If this offends you, sorry. D:
How about Haren or Yandolf. XD
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Yandolf reminds me of Gandolf... :P
whut r u talkin about Dave is fine but im not so sure it would fit right with a demon name...
the name is not all tht eccentric...does not fit in with a demon name
be creative, i like creative names :lion:
how bout Hanlei, Cerik, or Klayton?
descending into a dark pit of hell.
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Cerik, awesomely butch demon name.

Thats what I would call it :D
One day, I shall become, TUTORIAL-MAN: Superhero of writing overly long, overly annoying tutorials which most people probably won't read, but will give it a stab at the first 5 lines!
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Cerik really sounds good but i think i will decide the final name later.
Comments for the char itself?
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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How many family members does Julian have? It's amazing!!!1
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cerik = cleric lol.

to the sprites: the ground punch is way too stiff, the only moving part is his arm.

name suggestion: jutus, jukitsu or anything else that begins with "ju".
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Like Juon, Jukuan, Jufuha, etc, etc.
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[Image: Efo4u]
Hello, is this working?
[Image: 4huJ333.png] <- ftfy -Silverthorn

Haven't visited you guys for a loooongg time, but damn it brings back some nostalgia when i see my old sprites and projects!
Awesome to visit here again!

I made a quick sprite to celebrate this visit, yes i still like scarfs XD

E. Damn cant see any of my old pics, fug
E2. Also my signature is messed up D: oh man
E3. What sites you guys use to upload your pics? Photobucket is lil old i guess?
E4. Wonder why i have 2 topics for my sprites? The other one had more pages but oh well, guess this will do
E5. Ugh seeing my old posts makes me cringe XD damn i was young
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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Oh hey, welcome back!
I usually use imgur nowadays.

your spoiler code in your sig is messed up because you need to put the title of the spoiler in quotation marks :D
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Long time no see. Welcome back, it's been a while!

As @Bamboori suggested, use imgur. Also, when using [img]-tags, pay attention that the image you're embedding ends with the standard image-extensions (jpg, gif, png). Typically, when you upload, they'll give you the BBCode as well which is already correctly formatted.

Also, due to security-concerns, I removed html from signatures. Might want to switch to the "normal" BBCode that's also used for posting ;)

As for the sprite, it seems a bit small but I do like the design and the gray/red color scheme. Would love to see more of that kind!

Again, great to have you back!

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