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Whaat's Sprites
Looks like a viking!

It's kinda cool.
A major mistake with your shading is the fact that you leave the border using darker colour. Also you pretty much shade whole surface from left to right, which makes it flat.

I quickly fixed the shading on pants. I basically covered the right border with lighter colour and then darkened the left part.
[Image: zOAY3jc.png]

Also arms are kinda broken. Why the bottom part is shaded with lightest colour? Doesn't make sense. And the shading colors for skin are picked incorrectly.
You either make each darker shade colder or warmer (or all same hue), but you stick to the pattern.
You have first two colors same hue and then third one colder, which is unnatural.
[Image: 4eMYMon.png]

By the way - you can join discord server, there's much more activity over there!

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

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Ahhh Gad can still count on you XD thanks for the comment!
-About legs' shading: I usually shade the way you did in the reference pic^ but this time i just tried the same style I used long ago in my avatar (start with darkest shade and add lights on top there and there)
-Body/hands shading: oh man this one is really troubling Dx I never did any sprites without shirts so muscle shading is pretty new for me. It's hard to decide which parts should be light and which not. Trying to keep LF2's classic style at the same time as trying to make the muscles stand out by giving them more light shade.
-Choosing the shades for skin: I totally missed this one out, gotta pay closer eye on the next sprite.

I also found the Dcord server, you can find me there as Whaat too : )

Dunno if this is my first girl sprite ever?
[Image: IDrLM4a.png][Image: W6ulSDj.png]
I really would like to make a character, opinions on this sprite? There aint too many girl chars.

E. Should make that undershirt bit longer so it covers the legs a bit
E2. New pose and fixed some stuff:
[Image: N3aXdvZ.png][Image: 3NCdr61.png]
E3. Quickly fixed the shading (shading on shirt, added contrast) + also tried different resizing settings so it's more sharp now.
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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That highlight on her hair looks like baldness
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(12-02-2017, 09:12 PM)Mono Wrote:  That highlight on her hair looks like baldness

Exactly what I thought as well :p

I like the more dynamic pose. As for resizing, the details work well but the outline has kind of suffered, especially noticeable at the calves.

Not sure what the highlights on the far left edge of the sprite are about, they seem unnecessary. Also, let highlights hit the right part of the hair and let the details of the bangs vanish in shadows. In essence, less superdetails and more global edits from where you can build things up.
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