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[Promo] Julia by Bu Xie
We are getting a bit off topic here and I don't think Buxie would be too happy about it when we are not discussing how good or bad Julia is and such. Hence, all further discussions regarding speed of other people should be in a separate topic please.

@Sieg & dubbleD
Matt was fast. I didn't know Apoc was fast (I really wish I could see a completed character from Apoc other than LFO Davis). Gad is quick too, but his sprites were not as clean imo. Of course, Apoc, Matt and Sieg are on a different level.
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I wish Bu Xie would've added more moves, otherwise, it's just a skin.
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Okay, some feedback. Mostly criticism.

1) As already pointed out, the mask is shown to be on the right side of her face in the face picture, but is on the left side of her face in the normal sprites(though for mirror, it would be correct). I would also point out that it looks as though she doesn't have a nose in the face picture.

2) Her Super is missing some sprites that would have made the attack go as smoothly as her father's; she skips from her hand being on her waist to being directly above her head, and being in that position for a bit too long.

3) Her run attack(Soul Punch)'s first sprite is obviously incomplete; the lower half of her arm that is about to punch is not intact with the rest of her body, its as though her arm were magically cut off just before she does the attack, and it looks more like it belongs to her other hand. Very strangely however, the preview gif soul punch does not have the error of having her arm missing.

4) The finishing sprite for the soul punch doesn't match how she should look when she finishes her attack(which should look like her father). The physics is pretty wrong.

5) Julia is tilted forward a bit too much in the last sprite of her running animation, making the animation a bit awkward.

6) When Julia does her dash_back, the second sprite would have been better if her leg remained as it did on the first sprite. Right now, it looks as though her leg suddenly disappeared.

7) No individual injury sprites. The injury sprites are just the same as the falling sprite.

8) Grabbing sprite is just the punch sprite - why is she grabbing the person's abs and not the neck area?

9) Awkward skull blast. After the 2nd skull blast, she gets into the position where her back faces you and appear to be about to throw her arm upward. Instead, the frame right after suddenly shows her in the same position as she was during the 1st skull blast.

10) When casting Mirror Image, mirror image isn't at the exact spot the character originally is - it's slightly behind. Also, the disappearing sprites for the images were very choppy.

11) She doesn't look good with weapons. Especially when running with them. Notably, heavy weapons and when carrying beer/milk bottles.

There's probably more that I may have missed out. I personally don't really like the style, but that isn't my point. It looks like the spriter kinda lost interest halfway and isn't completely finished with the sprite yet, hence the reason why the character doesn't look very smooth.

However I must point out that for something done so quickly on a resized Julian as a base, it's pretty decent. I also quite like the Big Bang and Soul Bomb - those are pretty fine.
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