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New Guide to itr: Kind: 8
^Going through all the trouble just to see you post is totally worth it

hope you'll tell us your method too
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My method was really simple. Basically, I just created a ball and made it invisible, then had the ball opoint the dummy character. This works because when an object is invisible, all type: 0 objects that it creates are also invisible, as pretty much everyone finds out the first time they play as Rudolf.

Of course, the ball goes to frame 0 once it becomes invisible, but i've found that in general frame 0 is not a very important frame in type: 3 data and you can easily use other frames instead for the first flying frame.
Thus, this method does not require additional data files. If you also use some additional itr/kind: 8 in the type: 3 object's frame 0, you can have the object jump to different frames that will create different dummy frames, if you need to create various dummies for different moves or something.

I implemented this method when I was experimenting with input holding and charge up blasts. It worked for my purposes, although I got to a point I would've had to used additional type: 3 data files to hide all of the Coms, so ultimately this method that you've presented here seems like it is generally more elegant. :)

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i think your method sounds easier to understand though and it's still v elegant
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I do never want to get warned by grave-digging on this but i have to tell the main flaw of this tut...
It is really good to get rid of com logos by being invisible like rudolf.
But as AI tries to attack visible chars; AI is afraid of invisible chars...
When you are invisible with rudolf; you can see that AI always try to stay away from your exact position...
So being invisible doesn't solve the AI problem.
Btw i must say i'm impressed when i learnt that we can control the t0 objects with wpoint tags... Thank you Marshall...

In this case, my opinion to get rid of com logos without bugs is this:
1) Create a ball with state 3000 which has a special body.
2) Let the ball opoint the "t0 frame you want which has a wait: 0 and next: 1000" in it's hit frames.
3)Give a "itr which can hit that ball" to your itrk8 related move...
-With this way; com logo will be shown for a very very short moment but it will do its job.
And you can't even see that com logo without debugging with F2 :D...
Aaaand this is a solution for general static com problems but it can be implemented to different amazing dc thingies... It is what i did in my teleporter...
[Image: llqsMqz.jpg][Image: llqsMqz.jpg][Image: llqsMqz.jpg][Image: llqsMqz.jpg]
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