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Arcane's sprites
Personally I'm largely okay with the shoes, but maybe make them slightly darker rather than outright brown.
Ditto for fighting sorcerer, maybe should have darker shoes.
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are you going to do a full spritesheet for fighting sorcerer? if yes, is it a skin for bandit or sorcerer?
make sure to check my sprites!
I guarantee your eyes won't hurt! At least, they won't hurt too much :p !
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thx guys!

well for now its just a no priority fun project, im setting no goals for this one.
If this will get somewhere somewhen, it'll rather be a bandit skin or an own char.

[Image: idle_v2_by_janisarcane-dal6pz6.gif]

The design I'm going with for now.
Thanks given by: Hate , Ariyan
A lil fan-sprite I did for a game in development, Succubus Sisters

[Image: puna_by_janisarcane-das252z.png]
check out the website!

Thanks given by: Ariyan
[Image: practice_by_janisarcane-dau06ri.png]
Thanks given by: Andou Oeiji , Marko , Hate , Ariyan , Gad
Hope to see more lf2 projects and tutorials from you guys!!
[Image: pNt0e2z.gif]
Cookie Monster! (Click to View)
Focusing on Typing up a story!
2nd phase Practice drawing!
3rd phase Practice spriting and data changing only 1 character or forget it!
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(01-03-2017, 12:42 AM)Arcane Wrote:  [Image: practice_by_janisarcane-dau06ri.png]

absolutely love this one
[Image: ObetoRy.png][Image: Jayt4JK.gif][Image: MC9gRte.gif?1]
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I believe that you should add some more shadow on the far leg (left leg)
[Image: eAyH2YZ.png]
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Thx for the comments guys! :)
your right mono, too lazy to fix now :p

not really a tutorial tho this might help
[Image: sprite_process_by_janisarcane-daum0zc.gif]
I still did minor changes/fixes after resizing.
Thanks given by: Mono , Andou Oeiji , Ariyan
I have a big issue on comprehending his left arm.
It looks displaced, i am not sure why but i have two theories why it might be.

First theory is that upper part of arm is a bit too long and curved in wrong direction (or highlights indicate that way), i think it should look as straight as possible even in its shadow. Plus whole shoulder is displaced, a bit too low?
Second theory is that the highlights of bicep, tricep (etc.) are wrong. As far as i am understanding the pose, i think bicep should be seen faced to us, rather than from profile like it is atm.

There is also a third theory and that is that's too late and my brain is just not capable of comprehending the pose, but you have to agree that it looks a bit odd, doesn't it?
Thanks given by: Arcane

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