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Arcane's sprites
Hi everyone!
I'm new at this forum and i am a totally newbie in spritemaking but i want to show you my sprites which i made until now ;)
pls say me what i can make better :)

Sprites for Contests (Click to View)
Face-Pics (Click to View)

PS: Sry for my bad english im from Germany :)
The first two sprits ARE PWNSOME. Just epic ^^

The lower two... hmm...
Let's say they are better then usually peoples "first sprites".

On the 3rd pic the hair looks like a dead bird or something... i would recommend to make it more spiky or something. Besides that it's quite fine.

The 4th one is kinda eye-candy, it's very bright.
However, a big no-go is his retarded-looking face... IT actually gives me the creeps XD
Nice idea on the hair color, though.
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Barely active, expect slow responses. If at all.

yeah thank you very much! :)

i will try to make the hair look better at the 3rd pic but im not good at making hair xD

i tried to make the eyes in the 4th pic a houndred times but i suck at giving it a cool look -_- maybe you can give me some tipps? ;)
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im curious, whut program do u use?
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the 3rd i made with Paint.NET and the others i made with Photoshop :)
@Alblaka: okay here is my try on making better hair :)

[Image: custom2.png]
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better :)

to the 2nd pic: lf2 only supports pure black as transparency, so unless that pic is pure artwork it will look stupid in-game.

btw hey, another german user :D wie geht's?
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THX :)
okay i didnt know that^^
here is it without the glow:
[Image: henryattacke2.png]

ja mir gehts gut aba bin müde un hau mich jetzt aufs ohr^^
bis dann
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Good work (im a newbie too :ninjad: )
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there's still glow on his body. i suggest to erase that pseudo-black, since the glowing-effect itsself looks nice :)
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(06-19-2010, 04:20 PM)Alblaka Wrote:  On the 3rd pic the hair looks like a dead bird or something...

Nice work with Henry's attack. Would be cool to see that one animated :D
The new guy has much better hair (the problem for the other one was the dark outline), but it's still lacking shading. The last one has a similar problem. When you shade hair, you mostly don't shade the inner part (Dennis is an exception), but give each streak highlights and shadows. Here you can find some very useful tips for spriting hair:

I have to say, very nice work for a newcomer. I'm looking forward to see more of your sprites.
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