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New (old) Global Moderator.
(06-04-2010, 08:23 AM)Taniaetc Wrote:  @up: Haha awesome cat face. Mix that with Eddie and LC's and *poof* an awesomely scary purple evil modpowarz cat!
By the way, what's the differences between globmod and vip?
IMO there's none...
But Global Moderator has cool gold font in his username :P
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vip: has no powerz.. can discuss directly with the rest of the team. (i am not going to tell where otherwise it wouldn't be vip haha)
vip + mod powerz: thats the stealth mod. He secretly attacks you and in the end who gets blamed one of the gms ofc
gms: the front shield for the stealth mod. Using his power publically
admins: the red guys from the mars the rulers of lfe, bother them and get banned ;D
moderators: the little dogs who have to obey the gms very useful guys who keep an eye on specific sections => less work for the gms =)

oh and thx @ all
[sig placeholder until my new sig is finished]
should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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I've always preferred the diamond blue in my user name :D admittedly, blood red is cooler though. But yeah, wrecking havoc and letting the others take the blame is my hobby when I'm not eating children I scream~ :9
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avatar by Una
the other by xFire
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[Image: avatar736.png]
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AGHHHH !!!!!!
sorry 4 my bad eng
[Image: stand-10_zpse8943b33.gif][Image: walk-11_zps3a4de3e2.gif][Image: att-3_zps48065cd2.gif]

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Eddie Wrote:[Image: avatar_737.png]
TheNave Wrote:[Image: avatar736.png]
These two are just awesome Xd
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