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#10: Face-Picture Challenge - VOTING
damn hard choice is hard to choice D:

RtXaS - surely deserve some points!... well iv seen better but thats cp with full edit from author and looks rly nice indeed :D

Batit - it would be the best face pic on that forum ever made if not that right eye DX style is awesome... american much :D thats a treasure in the age of manga... once again i must say i love your style, just that right eye.. and maybe ears are to big from a from.. or maybe i never seen yinyin ears XD never mind.. goood work

luti - just pownsome good style also done in pixelart XD i would like to see you in mugen XD

Apoc - well draw well shade... almost... i would ad some dar tones you know D: face sould be a little more dar k in few places since head is hidden under hoodie ..... but anyway one of tha best face pic heare :D great job :D

princefreeza - eyes and nose looks streange.. but thats most lf-ish face pic in contest... almost perfeck lf-ish style GREAT GREEEAAT JOB :D

BP - best face pic heare you choice sexy face and all and its the best draw and all and powning shading and all (this is a political issue) no seriously XD its a pleasure bp thx ^^ anyway i liker the way you draw it also you add some texture on zombie skin what impres me becouse i sux at texturing... you got a pleace in haven X3

dunnow who should i vot for... i need to think :/
Thanks given by: LutiChris
@Hell Fighter
i wish'd u would have done one....out of curiosity....
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Voted for Prince Freeza (it's incredible how good you can imitate LF2 style) and Betitngoan (even tough I can't help but think it's a trace work). But this post is kinda pointless now that it's a public votation :p
Thanks given by: king_freeza
(06-02-2010, 02:10 AM)Apocalipsis Wrote:  (it's incredible how good you can imitate LF2 style)

people say i shouldnt draw dbz style all the time... so here is another style thats i really like...
oh and btw voted for apoc
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Alec and BP. Apoc's, Freeza's and bet's ones were well drawn, but...uh, I just don't like 'em.
Just waiting for the audio tags to become a thing
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voted for:
-Alectric: Rule numbero 1 of teh freshness: Every piece of artwork containing lauli has to be voted for.
-Apoc: Even though i wouldn't have given "Bp" a cloak, it's still awesome technically.
-Betit: Nearly same as above, except that I really did instantly know that it is YinYin. I saw a real picture of him with that kind of position (can't remember where though, @everybody who wants to post a link to it: no thanks!)
-vegetafanboy: the face is a tad bit too long in my eyes (or is it the hair that is bothering me?). Still vote-worthy.
-Kay: Well yea its ramond, my favourite agony&sorrow-shareguy here at the forumz. The expression totally fits him. Thumbs up for that!

So i will explain why i didn't vote for the others.
-Rtxas: Well yea it is Simon you can clearly see that. Technically it is also fine. Too bad the level of (other) entries is a bit higher than yours.
-David: You tried hard i can see that. I am pretty sure that if you had given it like 2 more tries you would have gotten my vote.
-Jerk: I actually lol'd about your entry. Still as I am trying to get my serious site more into action I can't vote for yours (schizophrenic? Probably)
-forgetmeandmypokemonaddiciton: Same as above actually. Sorry pal.
-Reaper: Sadly i forgot to tell you the improvements, that's why I didn't vote for you. There was alot of potential in this one, though it could wasted.
-Bp: Hell yea its hell_f => problem: He should look like a zombie and not like a robot with hair. A little bit too shiny for me, so yea.
-Zyhm: Same as Jerk.
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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Betitngoan,Alectric,Apocalipsis,BluePhoenix. The rest is good, but these are awesome.
The answer to life, universe and everything (no, not 42) (Click to View)
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RtXaS, LutiChris, Apocalipsis, Blue Phoenix, prince_freeza - superbuterinokoxosom-face-picturators
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i only voted for alectric and david - the ones that made me lol the most :D
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lol im tied up with BP ~ tht sais something right there...
mine's all crappy compared to bp's... :P
i mean look @ mine is 2d barely detailed while his probably took hours on end in detail'd i don't think tht was fair...to compensate for everything
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