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game making contest - theme: micro
(08-14-2010, 02:12 PM)ethanara Wrote:  oh ****** now i should make the game again.
i thnked the SIZE should be 32x32 pixel

You can just use window_set_size(w,h) to set the size.
Age ratings for movies and games (and similar) have never been a good idea.
One can learn a lot from reinventing wheels.
An unsound argument is not the same as an invalid one.
volatile in C++ does not mean thread-safe.
Do not make APIs unnecessarily asynchronous.
Make C++ operator > again
Trump is an idiot.
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little reminder: the contest ends on 10th september, so be sure to finish your entries.
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so, the contest ended two days ago. i was away, so i couldnt close it in time.
sadly, many participants didnt make a game, so you can only choose between azzy and me.

Alectric edited this post 09-12-2010 10:50 PM because:
I just realised game maker isnt on my computer D:
not enough hours in the day...
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