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(07-04-2010, 08:12 AM)forgetlatios Wrote:  uhm. i hardly understand what sieg posted has to do with wormholes... o.O i didn't see the word wormhole in any of the 5 links there D:
(explaination please)
Fine, I'll sum it up:

For the sake of imagination, we'll view space as a plane (as there are barely any 4-dimensional drawings out there ;P). The wormhole extends into the third dimension, similar to this illustration:
[Image: 350px-Worm3.jpg]
Usually, you would have to travel the long way around, aka. the bent plane. The wormhole would allow you to take the shortcut through it. However, a very fundamental law of relativistic mechanics applies: you cannot move faster than the speed of light. I will not elaborate this too much, just accept that the faster you get, the higher your mass and therefore the higher the force has to be to accelerate yourself ultimately reaching infinity.

In the end, there are 5 problems with wormholes.

1) As mentioned above, your travel time will be the one of the long way around. Imagine the distance between the two wormhole-ends being 1000 light years apart. For a relativistic approach, you'll have to know that time is no fixed measurement and can vary. The faster you are, the slower your clock runs (don't even try running so fast, we're talking about speeds >100,000 kilometers/second). At the speed of light, your clock will stand still. This means, the travel through the wormhole will happen in an instant for you. However, for the others, 1000 years will pass until the crew reaches the end of the wormhole. Very likely that the population that sent you will be dead by then :P

2) To create a wormhole, you'll have to establish it at both ends. This means: you build up one end, then fly as fast as you can to some other point in the universe, and build up the other end. Since it will be fairly hard to get even close to the speed of light, it'll take literally eons until the wormhole is finished.

3) When you enter a wormhole, you'll be accelerated to light-speed. However, not your entire ship will at the same time but as you go in there. Means: while the nose of the ship has been already sped up to the speed of light, the rest of the ship will still have its original speed. On a smaller scale: the nose of the astronauts will be at light-speed while the back of their heads is still comparably slow. You can imagine what remains of our poor ship and astronauts.

4) In case you would, for whatever reason, reach the end safely, there wouldn't await a different fate our poor astronauts. Maybe, you have heard about Einstein's famous formula E=mc². As I have stated somewhere before, the mass increases with speed. This means, when you travel at light speed, your mass will be infinite and thus your internal energy, too. Very likely, if you are not some weird super-hero or anime-character, your body will explode and you will emit all kinds of different radiation. For the guys that can watch such a wormhole, this must be a pretty awesome light-spectacle.

5) Since time is running into one direction only (disregarding the rewind-button of your DVD-player) wormholes can only be traveled through the direction they were created. Having one-way-streets makes this stuff a) less efficient and b) very likely require a second wormhole for the reverse direction.

That's basically it. If you don't understand this, then I can't help you.

tl;dr: Read this post.
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Any way i think it's too much of info.

I am confused about something else "Did man REALLY set foot on moon?" i heard it was a fake made by nasa is it rght?
[Image: illidansig1.png]
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Actually, it may be fake, but since that requires some very far fetched explanations, it's easier to assume that it really happened.

TITLE: a idea
make cave for bear?
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Even if it was fake.
Now someone set his foot on the moon.
For sure.
There are those sparkling things with them we can watch how fast the light comes back from the moon and stuff.

Actually not O_O
I used to a long time ago but it vanished from the tv :o

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So you watch Mythbusters :D
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HaHa the message says gravedigging! I'm really digging me out of my own grave! Am i an undead zombie now? Any way i couldn't keep up with the forums i had lot to study. Back to topic
Is it possible for us to use casimir effect and electromagnetic repulsion to propel ourselves so that we can attain more than 1% of the speed of light in vaccum?
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