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Mouse Problems....
Ok i was going to release new sprites of Gordon ever since Sunday the 28th. The problem was on Monday mourning i got a noticed from my little brother that the mouse has stopped working. I thought it was because of a broken mouse. My dad came to drop off 2 new ones on Tuesday Afternoon. To my surprised it didn't work. So practically the whole week i could not rly use mouse related stuff on computer....especially drawin which sucked the most...
Anyways so he comes over this week and we try and find out the problem. I have Kaspersky 2010 tht i got from a friend that friday 2 days before the mouse issue came to my attention. Kaspersky said that it had detected a potentially dangerous virus. It had essentially found a PDM. Keylogger, if you do not know what that is it's when a hacker goes in with a virus to find out out your passwords to find out your credit card, email, info's....that sort of stuff and report back to the owner... The owner of that virus may have permanently disabled my mouse options, we even tried going back to check if settings were able to detect USB plug-in. They had detected if it was being plugged in or not but the mouse it's self would not properly function, no signs of movement... He found out a way to see if he could go back ~ lets just call it going back in time (not for real) but the dates of when windows does it regulatory check-ins. All i had to do was put in this code:
and once i have chosen an earlier date i can restore everything before the virus or even Kaspersky... Problem is that windows could not find it...and i do know for a fact that this is the right address link can go try it yourselves...
It's probably has been deleted by smart owner or it has been moved to a different file name. Cuz microsoft and windows want to screw with you by making you pay them to fix the stuff for far i haven't done tht cuz i rely on what i can do soley (and for free...cuz thts the way i am) now what i want to know is this...
What other folder(s) can this specific executable file be found in, or any other resolvement in this problem?
please i need help...this is soooooo frustrating....
(this relates to programming cuz my dad is trying to find out problems using the typical command prompt to resolve his daily issues)
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that's system restore. yes it's the right "link" (i just checked my windows folder).

i'd normally go to startup settings and look for what programs/services are enabled during startup, and delete w/e looks "strange" (like programs with names like "zSjDHl.exe"). maybe you'd get a clue to what their names are from Task Manager -> processes. not that i've ever had a keylogger installed before, but just general malware checks.
would be good to know when and how the keylogger got installed in the first place

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2 theories:
Keylogger might have been installed with the product Keyspersky (but that idea is highly unlikely)
2nd it might have been a certain site....i accidentally came across....
man i would really like to wind system restore....sux
all i my work tht i haven't shows u guys is in there and i can't do anything about it...
I will try your advise...
Also it's hard to be able to get around without mouse...what keys do i use to select the next option to get to processes?
man everything is harder when u don't have a mouse :P
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Keep pressing tab until there is a rectangle around one of the tabs, then use arrow keys to move along (use left or right arrows).

This is in Windows Task Manager, right? Otherwise I meight be wrong...tough - Simoneon
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nvr mind i found out how to get rid of....and in fact it was system restore
the reason why it didn't work last time was becuz i mistaken the date...that still had virus
so i took back a few days and it worked :D
so now it solved
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