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LF2 Eternal
(03-02-2010, 07:21 PM)Art Wrote:  No I still need some help.
I planning to make a MMORPG)

MMORPG = years of life gone. How old are you anyway? I'd suggest taking a full on programming course before making one.

As much as this idea will be good, it's going to be difficult. And requesting help on here probably isn't your best source for mega massive games. xD

Sorry to burst the bubble.
One day, I shall become, TUTORIAL-MAN: Superhero of writing overly long, overly annoying tutorials which most people probably won't read, but will give it a stab at the first 5 lines!
Thanks given by: Bamboori , Alblaka
I know but as my engine is gonna be similar to LF I want to share with you)
Thanks given by:

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