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LF2 Eternal
This thread is a bit unusual because the project is not referred to the original LF2 engine.
I am making my own engine which will be similar to LF2 but will have more functions. I called it LF2 Eternal.
I have made walking and running already.

To walk use arrows and to run hold shift. (But do not start running while walking)
The link to the engine is below.

The engine is made by Gamer Maker 8 Pro and I need people who work on it to help with the project.

Nave I also offer you to help with the engine and if it succeed you will be able to use it for NTSD. The engine can be used for MMO and MMORPG.

Also any type of menus or other things can be made (including AI).

If somebody wants to help: my icq - 552154438

Here is the link for the first version:
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Moved to Programming.
Maaaan, you're the mod of forum games, by the way... ):

Ontopic: pretty nice idea though. But I don't like the idea of making things easier. Cmon, everything what we need is solvable with dc.
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I would say you can make many things with DC but LF2 is still limited in features.

People can make only their menu design (not the menu), characters and stages.

I am making a Naruto Game so I need some additional features. (Including to make a MMORPG XD))
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Does this engine still consider normal LF2 data files as readable? (I mean it can still read normal LF2 data)
Simoneon Wrote:Cmon, everything what we need is solvable with dc.
What about like effects in Hero Fighter (the background-blended)? Now THAT'S impossible.
Who actually needs that if we have old-school lf2 with trans-filters...
Old-school ftw! - Simoneon
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I will say again: you can make only your characters and design but you cannot make the AI, menus and maybe some other features!
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just a small question: how experienced are you in using the game maker?
projects like yours can need several years if you're a pro coder.

i don't want to make you unmotivated, but you should probably start with something smaller.
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I know I am a bit newbie to GM but I have already made walking similar to lf2 so I will make the rest (with some help XD)
I'll remind that you might not get ANY help if that's what you expect. LFE was never a request forum anyways. ~ blow_fly98
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omg omg omg
The idea just swerved into my head!

I was thinking... what if all the best GM makers will fuse into one project (f/e this one) and create it faster and idklol etc.
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that is just unrealistic.
first, most of the better gm users here are pretty lazy and already have enough work on their own.
second, only one guy can actually code the game, the others could only help debug or graphical-wise.

And the best part is, that in the end I'll say 'that was a joke, obviously' - Simoneon
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No I still need some help.
I planning to make a MMORPG)
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