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As we all know there is no hit_back: tag - or at least it doesn't work in any way
However we can easily simulate it perfectly with a few hit_d: and mp: tags

All we need is a hit_d: tag with the frame we want to got to when the opposite direction key is held and an mp: -1 in the same frame
Now i suppose many already know that the hit_d in such a case will act when either Defense is pressed, the mp is too low to take 1 or the opposite direction key is held (used for firens burn_run to stop)

there will always be enough mp for the mp: -1 to work (unless you overdrained yourself really badly somehow) but the Defense key is undesired if we really only want the 'hit_back' input
that one can be blocked out by making the frame we will go to require an amout of mp far above the 500 a character has
now the hit_d will only be carried out if you press back

all pretty simple, nothing new
but here an examlpe for woody (omitting everything unimportant):
<frame> 249 fly_crash
   pic: 152  state: 7  wait: 1  next: 251 mp: 99999
<frame> 250 fly_crash ... mp: 200
<frame> 251 fly_crash
   pic: 153  state: 3  wait: 1  next: 252 hit_d: 249  mp: -1
this one is actually a circle - you carry out a tiger dash, however you are holding back right at the start, visually staying in the first frame as long as you hold backwards
as soon as you release you will dash forward
also the mp: -1 acts very fast so you are basically only in frame 249 (sporting a nice state: 7 giving you some defense as you wait)

a circle like that can be nice for simply delaying a move for as long as you need (cascading several of them for each frame would allow the player do delay/slow down a move at any point)
putting many of those in a chain could create a nice chargeable move
it can be used to change direction during a move
it could also be used to simply cancel a move just to carry out a different one
or to have two variations of a move (normal/held back, strong/weak, knocking down/dance of pain, lifting up/catching, high throw/low throw, ...)

this can add a lot of variety to a character thats intuitive to execute

-a new key apart from D J A to toy around with
-it depends on your direction
-it can be held down and get noticed by the game as often as you like (charging)
-it does not have to be pressed in an exact moment (just held down)
-it acts much faster than normal hit_ tags
-AI will use it automatically

-F6 will turn it into a normal Defense key (ignoring all mp tags)
-if you use this to delay a move like the tiger dash you will waste your 200 mp before you actually get to dash (you might get pushed into broken defense in my example)
i like. :p
hit_j: 249 needs to be there in 251 right? unless i'm mistaken mistaken.

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hit_j has nothing to do with all of this
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more of thinking that the mp: -X goes with hit_j: something hit_d: something

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but somehow the hit_back tag works sometimes... O.o
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(02-15-2010, 12:56 PM)Azriel Wrote:  mp: -X goes with hit_j: something hit_d: something
(02-15-2010, 01:04 PM)Bamboori Wrote:  but somehow the hit_back tag works sometimes... O.o
sometimes something somehow works next to your hit_back making you think that hit_back works
prove me wrong
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wow, rly nice... gotta have to create a new char with that feature ;)
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dang, you were right.
i had in mind that one of my chars hat a hit_back-action, but he just had the tags you described as necessary.

sry ^^"
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i found this out while making my mudman character some time ago...
didnt realise that it wasnt that well known...
good that its out :P
~its been a long time coming~
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Ultimate awesomeness +9000.

And the few "bugs" aren't really any problem, since charge attacks imo SHOULD be interruptable (with mp loss) and i'm usually not fighting with F6 either way.
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