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Zack v0.91 out now
Shouldn't the legs be a little (motion-)blurred in the second frame?
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maybe you should make a complete new running.
the body position just looks... clumsy.
i recommend something like rudolf's running.
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Theres just no twist in the body because he moves so fast. Everything is good though. really nice.
[Image: 3rdslim.jpg]
[Image: DAslim.jpg]
[Image: Rocky.jpg]
[Image: Clidebanner.jpg]

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progrees will be a little slow down couse im in dept and im trying to get some monay... sadly it make me bussy as hell D: if you wanna help come to my da acount and request something or donate
my site:

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decide about name : RYOUICHI how it sounds?
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ryokichi sounds better to me :)

@below: i also removed the u :D now it sounds more Japanese :P
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(02-22-2010, 01:34 PM)hell fightter Wrote:  RYOUICHI how it sounds?
to tell you the truth it really doesnt describe the char... bamboori made it a bit better when he added the K in the middle but still... i dont know...

but hey its your char man. i am just saying my opinion.
[Image: LphmRuv.png]
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thats why im assking for a help with name guys XD Ryokichi is good :D far way better :D thx
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i actually don't care as long as it sounds nice...and fitting
Prince freeza is kinda right though....but i don't mind keep the name ;)
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lil update
[Image: animation1is.gif]
well... i think that animation look preaty well right now.. but first frame looks terible XD he looks kinda broken XD
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