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rpg project - this one wont fail!
in my opinion:
The best would be the conspiracy one, then the soldier rescuing man thingy.
(Though honestly my favourite is the one with the king, minus the amnesia.)

Though, if you want to avoid the generic clichés, then refer to this:
>The Grand List of Console Role Playing Games<
It basically contains every single bad cliché. Period.
And for you not actually making an RPG: Read it anyway, it's really good lulz, if you've played a few FF-games.

Edit: To you, I recommend you at least read 5, 15, 16, and 17. And avoid doing number 78 for God's sake.
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after finishing reading that, i will rethink the story :P
could last a while, so please be patient^^
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Joined ;P
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as what? :P

btw: it isnt dead, i just can't think of a good plot, considering all those facts on the list. any ideas?
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