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Spriting Tips
Hi guys as u may have seen many spriting tips around here, i am going to give u sme tips about spriting in photoshop.
For example here is my sprite.(dont look at its style or somthing this is jst for example)
[Image: jpa2x3.png]
This character has an inner jacket ok. Always try to create a new part of the body in separate separate layers so that it is easy for u to edit it.Normally Some chars like Davis have an inner dress.Create the outer jacket in the upper layer than that of the inner jacket.The arms below the jacket's layer. In here the chest is below the inner jacket's layer.The head must be i top above the neck and all the parts below neck.The hair must be in the top most layer and the eyes between the layer of hair and face.Shoes may be below the pants of above the pants.
If u shade using burn or dodge tools that doesn't matter here.If u shade using a new layer with multiply/Screen u must make a layer above the layer u wanna shade and in between those layers hold ur alt key [the cursor changes into some to Rounds thingy] and click in that gap.This make the shading layer flow only to the layer which is under and not causes any messy pixels around ur char.

for outlining u use 1 pixel outlines(optional). Here is the link were i made an outlining tut:
THis can be followed for hair too :)

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