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[Mod] competitive Justin
with this justins can catch each other inside a team if they notice one not being alert (dizzy/guard down)
this empowers the catching one to do explosion moves with DJA(+A)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1790][Image: attachment.php?aid=1791]
but he will loose that power again should he ever get interrupted while using it

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Thanks given by: Lauli
I'm sorry, I didn't try it out yet.
But are you only able to "regularly" catch the other Justin? Because that would happen pretty rarely then.
Maybe you could add some "catch-me" stance (as a non-powerup DJA), where only Justins can catch eachother?
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it happens more often than you would think
i might add it to broken defend and running frames aswell later
but justins are not supposed to be weak or help each other with getting skill rewards on purpose
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awesome stuff !I just don't understand why when I used that state(grab state) its went to standing frames.I didn't use cpoint.

Dam I wish I though about that . Really awesome idea.

I too thought about trying this thing buts not for t0. it only work for t0 =/ its seem so.

Anyway good use for those states. I'm not tallk about the teamate grab state.

Dam I wish I thought about this method for locking up skillz. Dang thanks.Its seem you find ways to make everything useful.
Thanks given by: YinYin
note to anyone ever reading this thread

happyhour really inspired me to do quite a few things with rudolfs transforming (not just this) when we talked about his transformer character

so credit for all findings in this area kinda go to both of us i guess
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