Poll: Which web browser(s) do you use?
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google chrome
other (please specify)
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Whats Web browser/s do you use?
Firefox is still the best for me because it's the most simple and easy program... I was using Internet Explorer 3 years ago(I was sick of him) and when I saw Firefox it was just great.
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Like you all use Firefox. Google Chrome is DA BEST!!
It's pretty lightweight (at the moment).
Although I just hate it when sites go "YOU MUST VIEW THIS PAGE IN INTERNET EXPLORER".
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A few years ago i used Firefox, but since i discovered Opera i love it ;)
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Am I the only one using Safari?
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(09-02-2009, 02:07 PM)Lauli Wrote:  Am I the only one using Safari?

Erm... I think it's most for Mac OS users. ;D
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Google Chorme, to be honest with you i think it's the best. The others i have used suck.
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Firefox Rock - and I made LFE and HFE for it :p
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It's pretty obvious

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Go firefox.
That's what I mostly use.
I am back, not really.
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