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Hero Fighter EMPIRE
Ow Dang it... i voted for "Make a HF subsection in the LFE-Forum" without thinking...
Now the bar with the neweset posts will get spammed/overloaded with posts in relation to HF until at least one week after the game is finished... great >.<
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Barely active, expect slow responses. If at all.

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^^Sign up to Marti's official herofighter group guys, give him some input on how he can make the game better.
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sorry for reviving a renowned dead thread...but

Looking back to HeroFighter....becuz of absolute boredum
i remembered this thread, created quite some controversy, and it shows on the poll as well...
Referring back to Hero Fighter Empire, it doesn't seem to be alot of active members...
last time i check there were only 8 members while we regularly get ~50-70 members (EVERYDAY DAY) :alarmed:
im thinking HeroFighters is dieing.....
:horrified: ya...u think?

I just checked Forum Statistics and this is whut it sais:
Forum Statistics (Click to View)

...when im saying its dieing....it's probably becuz:
1) it takes time, and will soon be popular
2) it IS DIEING!!! DYING!!! :mouthopen:
i personally only checked tht website probably three times, in my life...and the statistics prove my point
i don't want to be a walking troll or anything but- :caveman:
i honestly think we should merge HFE with LFE for the sake of LFE members to recognize it's still there...
now im not sure by adding HFE to this forum will increase $$$ (i think it's only $10 monthly)
but im sure merging the two will lower costs by half, erm....won't it? (i sound sooo naive just now) :lion:
we can even merge the other accounts into this site...
it sounds like a better idea now....then it was then
:noes: orly?

Maybe we can add it's own category bellow the "Little Fighter Zone"
if the idea is accepted...tht is Xd

yeah* :)
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would just like to add the correct spelling of 'dieing' is 'dying'
~its been a long time coming~
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hmmmm....according to BP
he will see if things will work out once the next Update from HFE comes...
Seeing how every update brings alot of activity...
so we will see...
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