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[Item] Axe
I wondered why lf2 has no axe.
Then i looked at the mainsite and i thought "omfg. It looks f***ing ugly" (my one looks f***ing ugly too) so i made a new one.

screenshots (Click to View)
And here's the downloadlink.
>Click me<

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The whole axe look rather flat. I don't see much shading at all.
This is a relatively small sprite, and you can just copy one single image into the other frames & rotate it. Means: it takes comparably little effort to sprite such a weapon. You could at least add some reflections on the metal-part.
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i did in the first sprite but somehow it's just gone away...
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probably because you smoothed it too much.
btw: looks very similar to alexander's axe, that's why i like it :D
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Alexanders axe?
could you may show me?
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(07-02-2009, 03:36 PM)Lf2-hacker Wrote:  Alexanders axe?
could you may show me?

Lolz, click on his sig ;)

[Image: jpvgcj.jpg]

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