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plz read all hex coders/programmers/editors i need help cuz i suck at this thing
Can anyone help me or make it for me? cuz a child with monkey's brain can beat me with hex code. i need (on 1.9) all sound files in a foulder named"wav_f" without "" (im not that stupid but some sounds are written in exe)the bg of the credit text (lf by marty and starsky, all right bla bla bla, http://www.lf2 site and i dont remember the and change color, credit text, and password WITHOUT that program. (in 2.0) most the same thing. and can you teach me how to use a hex edit program? it would be a great help. thx for you waist your time on such a easy answered and useless topic. and sry for my bad inglish.

Update: no need for sound thing i fixed it and the exe runs. but need help with the other.
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You are allergic against searching, aren't you?

And, by the way, please reduce the size of your sig if you don't want me to do it for you.
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*sig fixed* im too stupid to understand that
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