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HeroFighter (Martis new game)
i wonder if lf2 will become forgotten if the new game'll be so good...
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yep, but... LF2 is modificate-able and its not an online games so... maybe that's almost impossible.
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[Image: shawnStance.gif]
yay, new char: Shawn
shoes are the same as Drews, seems like Henry, I want someone with a new weapon, it's just like deep, davis, henry now
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is there a main story in Herofighter? and who's the main character? Lucas?
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(07-02-2009, 02:44 PM)vandesdelca Wrote:  is there a main story in Herofighter? and who's the main character? Lucas?

Erm... how are we supposed to know? All of the info available is on the homepage itself.
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Omg I wish someone would make Hero fighter chars for LF2 after it's released
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i think someone should update the first page for the next char "Shawn".

@Ragor yep someone should but apoc has done the standing sprites of those chars.
Feel free to check out My Sprites
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I saw this one coming when I knew what the new cheat was... :P
Anyway, it looks pretty much like LF2 with improved game engine but not unmoddable (or at least not easy modded) and since improved game engine < moddable, LF2 will probably still be better.
But I guess I can't judge something I haven't tried and just have to wait until the release.

TITLE: a idea
make cave for bear?
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Anyone saw the Running Frames already?
[Image: lucasRun.gif][Image: drewRun.gif][Image: shawnRun.gif]
really smooth... if someone wonder about the frame resolution, read the text below, they made the running frames half-sized so it doesn't take to much memory space.

Marti Wrote:[...]
Frame Resolution
The resolution for the 3 stance animation released last week were about 160 width x 240 height. That is the original size. However, if every frames are like that. Each character will consume up to 44 MB of memory space.
If 20 characters appears at the same time, it may take 880 MB memory space.
That is too much for a flash game. So I have to resize the resolution into half (to prevent uneven sampled distortion, half sized is the best choice). The 3 animated gifs above are the half-sized version.
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also to add:
Marti Wrote:In HF, it is expected that each characters will have up to 300 frames of animation. That is a huge amount of work and that's why it takes so long for making 1 character.

Thats why it isnt intended to be moddable ^
he said he also is releasing v0.1 soon to the public, with the three chars as teasers.

though, i will be a bit disapointed if the chars are just lf2 ones all over again... like already said, davis, deep, and henry, AGAIN...
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