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HeroFighter (Martis new game)
how in the hell do you decompile flash files?

and the game looking great

(i got flash so i want to see how its made i always mess up my codes)
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(06-29-2009, 12:57 PM)Angel_Adam Wrote:  sorry to ask but,is there going to be a data changer for this game??
so we can make new ones..??
We should add a rule or something like that...
for people who just read the first post
And then start the discussion which was in the posts before his post -.-
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(06-29-2009, 07:59 AM)Zazz1 Wrote:  
(06-28-2009, 04:38 PM)no one Wrote:  
Quote:Last year, after struggling for months, I finally make a difficult decision to quit my job. And concentrate on working on my new game - Hero Fighter (HF).

He quit his job to make a free video game?

Isn't he like in some important position in LFO? o_O

he was, but he isn't anymore

(06-29-2009, 01:24 PM)vandesdelca Wrote:  is starsky help marty on this game?

no, it's only marti this time :p
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Hmmm...the only thing that bothers me about this game is that it is a flash game with high quality and many features (I know, right?).

I think flash games, like streaming videos, have to be downloaded completely onto your temporary internet cache (all flash content, I think), as well as being emptied completely onto your RAM (<- most simple flash games do this) in order to be played, right?

Such a large flash file could easily tax your computer beyond its limits and freeze/crash it, or else cause a really big computer/system slow-up (due to overworking processor) issues, have an extremely loading time (if computer has low RAM), and most of all have a lot of lagging issues during internet games (combination of internet connection speed, peer-to-peer mode instead of server, and the enormous amount of data/content needed to be transferred like in LF2).

Other than that, I think that this project is again, revolutionary in terms of the 'beat-em-up' game genre, and will most likely rack up as many hits as LF2, that is my predicted issues will either be solved or never occur :D.

~Solomon Leung
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Erm, LF2 loads everything to ram as well(After lf2 finishes loading, you can delete all the files and it will work)... You can just load the files as they are needed in flash(like anywhere else) + I'm sure marti isn't stupid and knows what hes doing. He even commented about how he is using flash so he has to change the way he thinks about stuff.

The only problem is that people will require an internet connection to play.
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The background and these 2 characters looks great(dude! I forgot the horse!)...
I just hope that there will be a lot of characters and backgrounds(because you can't make a new ones in Data Changer), or else this game will be piece of 5hit...
I also hope that there will be some more female char's to play with(not like in LF2)
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everything looks amazing i cant wait for it to be released.
good luck on the game.
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Will there be network play as with LF2?

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He said he might add online later in developement.
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Quote:I just hope that there will be a lot of characters and backgrounds(because you can't make a new ones in Data Changer), or else this game will be piece of 5hit...
It can't suck as much as you do.
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