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HeroFighter (Martis new game)
how the hell did you do that?!
thats freakin awesome
also realised some of my screen shots was uploaded there XD

EDIT: lol super stacking time!
[Image: lol3c.png]
[Image: lol4.png]

sorry for the cut-off, i was at the top of the screen.

btw, i just realised drew can do a whirlwind throw with the heavy weapons, by pressing Defend when holding them!

also, i say HFE, and the extra chars Marti is thinking of adding on look pretty darn awesome, and there is gonna be more female chars!
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3 on top of each other
All carrying a tree!
[Image: WOOT.png]
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just found a bug.. shawn got stuck in the air when i tried to jump twice in a row =P
[Image: hfbug.png]
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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