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I'm back, and I'm tired.
Then I try it again - welcome back :p
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ah hello sievgar (i do remember who you are ;) )
are you going to do any more of your awesome sprites?
or at least showcase some of them here?
it sounds like you are tired of LF2, and have just come back to see how people have gotten on with there stuff eh?
you may not remember me though (Angry Alec) i mainly hung around for a while back then, but now ive got some spriting skills.
its a shame we havent sparked any interest in you :(
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erm..WELCOME!!! (back!)

I haven't absolutely the faintest glimmerings of an Idea who you are....(I wasn't in the old forums so..) But I'll know I'll be intrested because...
(05-22-2009, 06:54 PM)MH-Razen Wrote:  holy s*** - didn't expect to hear a word from you again - but nice to have you back :)

Thats probably one of the very few times I've hear..... seen MH type like that (not that I know him very well)

oh well...

* sadbhav blows a broken trumpet
If at first you don't succeed, you're probably not going skydiving again.
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Well I think I know who You are, and I could tell, but I wanna keep this secret.

Welcome back!

Waiting for Your epic sprites :P
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Welcome(not back for me, coz i have no idea who you are :))

And i'm happy for you to be here for the comments that you have epic sprites :D
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well, I still think such a thread is useless as I think there shouldn't be a difference between an awesome spriter and a normal guy.
Its like in justice the difference between a king and a farmer. The king kills someone but no one cares, the farmer gets hanged.
Crappy similie.
anyway as the thread already is here, why not Welcome ____
oh, nearly forgot that I shouldn't say who you are. You are hiding it very badly. Everyone can find out easily.
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I'm starting to love the cynicism here. Honestly.
Its refreshing. Rather than have overly polite dudes who I don't know in the slightest welcome me back.
Love that quote about "celebrities" thing. Its what made me hesitant to start a thread like this, but you'll read about my reasons below.

Anyway, to answer the seemingly most pressing question; the validity of a "coming back" post:
I do this because there might be people around that I know, who have changed their names to one that I don't.
I can definitly PM people like Yinyin, Evil Sonidow uh... uh... Lord Silva(adding a lord in front sounds wierd. haha)... and uh... well. Pretty much no one else.
For example. I know MH... but I can never get used to the idea that he's MH-Razen now. I keep seeing the Razen part and missing the MH part in his name. haha.
And i can never spell Zaboluba's name right if I don't have a reference.

Although, i have to agree that leaving posts are even more useless than "I'm back" posts. Unless of course you need to inform your teammates on certain mods about it, and if you have no other means other than the forums.

And the point of not revealing my old name is not to have people who only know my name and work(and whom I probably know nothing about) bug me about my uncompleted projects, all of which I've more or less completely abandoned, for personal reasons.
Its not hiding. If you find out, good for you(I know i left a clue in the forums here somewhere before I "came back"). If you don't, you can just ignore me, I'm not worth your time, since I'm equivalent to a normal dude with nothing to offer you.
I apologise for coming off as secretive and petty, I should have handled that better, but I don't apologise for wanting not to talk about my old name.

Anyway, even if I'm not very active here, I -think- I'm gonna still be able to contribute more significantly than the bunch of threads that are much ado about nothing, by actually doing a little something. Maybe we'll see about that soon enough, or maybe I'll get sucked away into the void, voiding this claim, and furthur making my word mean less than usual.

You've got decent sprites going. I look forward to you finishing Steve, and seeing what you come up with next.
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(05-24-2009, 03:59 AM)Siegvar Wrote:  I apologise for coming off as secretive and petty

Dont worry, pretty understandable mate ;) :D
If at first you don't succeed, you're probably not going skydiving again.
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lol call me Zab, its ezER.
Escape is a two-syllable word that grants temporary peace in the present to a future victim.
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hes got the same problem with Zizibaluba - so hes just zizi
funny thought

you two z-ppl probably dont even know each other
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