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^ True.
Well, LF2 is pretty unknown in Sweden. My first time seeing LF2 was in a game magazine, but there's tons of them here, so people probably just thought it was some rubbish freeware-stuff. Which it wasn't.
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Well the way I found LF was that Kay once was looking in Google about fighters and found LF and then later he
found the forum and told me about it, also me, LutiChris, and Kay are trying to tell to people about LF.
Also the Russian grammar is easy people and I had no clue there was an Russian website of LF because I'm Ukrainian wich you people barely know if your are from other countries from Europe and I don't wonder in websites.
Man this is long.
I am back, not really.
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Well, not that many play LF2 in Canada. Actually, a freakishly small number does.

And I think I might be the only Canadian who's been here for a while.

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well i haven't seen another estonian lf2 player since.... well i have never seen one, except my classmate who played 1 week(5 or more years ago) :D
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