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a fighting game project, joining
agree with bamboori >_>
Thanks given by: Bamboori
i might join
though i would rather draw myself, because i dont fit in a camera piture well (i am really tall, not really fat XD so i would probably look small compared to everyone else :D )
and i could make myself cooler with drawn pictures :D
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I tried it once for real.

The proportions of the normal LF2 chars are so extremely FAT compared to real ones. Every char would look slim and tall.
Other than that, it's quite much work to get rid of the photographed background. There are some ways to speed things up, but still it will take forever for about 140 photos.

Why so pessimistic?
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well, you just need about 30 pics :D and the style shouldnt be the same as lf2^^
and the bg-part is up to me^^
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Wait a sec. Can I still use my char? Even though its really not me. But can I use him as a depiction? An exaggerated depiction? :P
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well, if you wanna be an endboss or something you can stay "drawn", but the normal fighters should be photographed (and edited maybe?)
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A general hint for all the photographers,

it'd be helpful if you'd take a picture while there's just a one-coloured wall behind you.
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Thanks given by: Bamboori
ok i took a photo of me, here is a preview:
[Image: meeet.png]

(sorry zab and bamboori for that, i wasnt making fun of you guys, honestly)

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photos take too long :confused:
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I don't think it is good to take photos for sprite, especially when it is a fighting game. (It would be quite funny though?) :|
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heh, sounds like easier create 3D model of yourself by photo and animate step by step with creating sprites)
maybe join after first version :D
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