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a fighting game project, joining
hi^^ why am i always greeting you?
since love beat'em up games (like lf2), i decided to do my own (by using the amazing yoyo game maker ofc xd).
so, now join me and my army mwahahaha xD
no seriously
this is what you need to join:
Name: i guess i dont need to explain that
pics with description: well, if you wanna take part, you will need pics (obviously). so go and sprite your char!
the pics i need are (for now):
  • standing (2 frames)
  • walking (3 frames)
  • jumping (1 frame)
  • punching (3 frames, 1 before, 1 while and 1 after punching)
  • defending (1 frame)
  • air punch (3 frames, same scheme as punch)
  • damaged (3 frames)
  • falling (1 frame)
  • lying (1 frame)
  • winning (5 frames)
  • special moves (as much frames as you want, but please not too much, since the game will be more like the first street fighter games^^)
the size should be about this: [Image: thumbnmail.png]
ofc you can replace the punches with kicks etc^^
the pics have to be from the sideview. please make the sprites in snes style.

and now, after reading one of my longest posts ever:
take your pics and join me :p

oh and one (hopefully) last thing: my friend is preparing a contract for all people who would like to join, cause i need the rights of releasing your pics from you. i will give a link to it when its done.
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if I wouldn't be so fat I'd give ya pics of me...
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hey, you wont be the only one who blames himself :P
btw. i dont know why you should be ashamed of that, i have nothing against fat people^^
i for myself look like a nerd (which i probaly are xd), so i will dress up^^ so you can do aswell^^
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the beeing fat part was ironically, I just don't like to post fotos of myselfe, dunno why... can't I just draw myselfe?
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(05-13-2009, 03:28 PM)TheNave Wrote:  can't I just draw myselfe?

Resized pictures just doesnt look good in Game Maker.

BTW: PM me if you need help with the coding.
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hmm, basically i wanted that to be the special part :/

i will make a poll, so you can vote.

@someone else: why dont you upload your games to yoyogames.com?
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where does the picture taken from?
front? side view?
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side view, like the classical beat'em up game.
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Oh God. I definately want to join. I'm just too lazy to make frames. :P But I'll go for it. Most of my info should be obvious...name in all. Here's my standing sprites. I didnt know how u wanted them so I made one with a black bg and a white bg.

[Image: sy57ad.png]

[Image: t89fyf.png]

EDITl I'll keep editing this post till I have all.

EDIT2: I modified them for the animation purposes. These are my 2 frames.

[Image: rh67fl.png]
[Image: of22bo.png]

[Image: 8yysqu.png]
[Image: 1rdqfm.png]
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this is (almost) what i wanted, great :p

but... with the drawn pics i meant that you draw YOURSELF... cause the game wont have any speciality in it when you just do your "normal" chars, sry
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