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first of all i agree about disabling this
i also agree that it still was a cool feature - but managing each and every rep comment manually just doesnt work and on top of that is stupid and unnecessary censorship
but i think it could be easily improved for the ... well .. milieu we have here

how about a more complex/advanced rep system - with thumbs up/down for each given rep (pretty simple actually as you can see things like that about everywhere already)

as you might not want to repeat someone elses rep comment on a member but you do fully agree and have nothing more to add you could simply add to it - thumbs up
if someone gave rep with bad reasoning or you simply disagree you can put thumbs down - decreasing its value
if you then still have a new reason not listed yet you can add it the way it worked before

this way every users reputation would rather become a list of things ppl say about him - which are again increased/decreased by the whole community - this way any rep might level out properly

'hes my best friend' reps will probably stay at +1 because noone except for that person really cares about that
'he helped with project xy/created wz/moderates the forum nicely' might increase far above +1 as many might agree with that statement
'hes the best fighter in the world!!!!!' might decrease below 0 as many would probably disagree
vice versa for negative reps

well perhaps allowing thumbs up/down to change the value of the rep by a whole point might be too much and lead to even more rep spamming - the usual notation 'x of y members found this rep appropriate' might be better, allowing you to look for the most agreed on comments
the ratio of agreeing/disagreeing members could then create the actual rep value

so if blue gave silva +2 rep for all his awesome hex achievements and 50 of 100 members agree with that it would amount to a total of +1
and as we all know normal users can only give +1 the usual rep values would range btw 0 and 1 (-1 for negative rep) depending on how many ppl agree

making any sense?

well anyway leave it disabled until we have something of that kind

(04-16-2009, 03:48 PM)KadajNoir Wrote:  Again... the system is not for things like: "I love your work"
You can rate somebody's stuff in the corresponding thread, where he showed his work.
actually ... why not? i dont think every user has a general thread listing all his work and i dont think you would allow any member who loves his work to post just that statement in there
i think the rep system should very well be for things such as that - otherwise reasons to give rep would diminish even further, which is not quite the point of the whole thing i belive as i didnt think the reputation page has to be full of user evaluation assessments

(04-16-2009, 09:51 AM)chase123 Wrote:  the user xyz (edited by Noir, sry ;)) or i forgot his user name was also abusing the rep system he was asking other users to give him +reps.
and the user abc or i forgot his user name was also abusing the rep system he was asking other users to give him -reps.

in fact i did because i agreed with him being an arse at that time
-.- I like(d) the reputation system... Was a nice and easy way to difference between helpful and idiot users on the one hand and on the other you could simpyl show your admiration (don't know a better word XD) for someone...
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