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Server Change
LFE runs on two server now - one for the downloads and a second one for the mainsite and the forum.

You can reach the mainsite from:


The redirct from the www. domains is still on the old server and in case this one is down it'll not work - then the www. probably still work. We'll change this during the next days so the redirect is independant from the old server.

With the moving there're some errors, mostly images which are not shown because the paths are wrong. I'll correct this during the next few days, already corrected everything in LFEv8.0 section at mainsite.

If you have any problems with your forum accounts or other stuff please report it with the contact formular on the mainsite.

-Finished LFEv8.0 Section
-Finished LF1-EMPIRE
-Submitted ~Noir~'s Move Animation Colelction to Attack-Section
-deleted fighttipps - if anybody can write some really good tipps we can make a new site again
-Fixed LF2E / LF2v1.9 Section
-Fixed LF2E / Fanart, still need to add the new fanrt then...
-Fixed download section
-Submit one new download place for LFO
-Finish LFOE Section
-Submit two LFO Videos
-Submited Wallpapers
-submit one new background (Forest of death)

After a few hours of skeep updates go on:
-submit two new characters, Zero and Maveric
-finished LF2E image correction
-Submit site about LF2 Mod Loader Project
-Submit Tempporary Transformation to Advanced DC Tuts
-Submit LFO Character Images
-Add some LFO Info Images
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