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Girls sprites?
huh....the first one looked ways it looks really flat and the hair looks kinda messy
[Image: 165.gif]
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My first and actualy only sprite of female:

[Image: 2m2i7n5.png]

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

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why would you prefer creating a mangirl to making a badass
she doesnt have the blindfold, cool skin, fancy pants - and shes ugly ...
shes like a bad super hero imitation - like cat/spider/super/whatnotwoman
all that mixed with the unhealthy xena like attitude and too many muscles


F*ck... I just want to pull out a female character Dx

Edit: Woot, sticky, I'll put all the current posted sprites in the first page, it bothers to go seeing every page...
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(03-15-2009, 01:27 AM)Apocalipsis Wrote:  F*ck... I just want to pull out a female character Dx
i dont mind you doing any of your other good looking girls
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It's just that if ever finish a mod (I lol'ed) it will be kinda cool to have both female rock and female wind chars (As firen and freeze are male)...

I can try to make a better sprite if quality is the problem, but it's the idea that bothers you, right? Dx
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(03-15-2009, 01:39 AM)Apocalipsis Wrote:  female rock and female wind chars (As firen and freeze are male)...
Wind sounds ok but a rock female char? This sounds totally like a testosterone-overfilled-supposedly-woman :P
I'm not quite sure how you think about that but for me it'd look kinda strange if you have a Mark-like character in a female form that "rocks" everybody away =P

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Well, she doesn't really need to have muscles... I can think of 3 rock female chars right now, Terra from Teen Titans, Toph from Avatar, and one char that Hell Fighter is (or was?) working on (Link).

I just want to make it balanced fire and water (or ice, whatever) male, wind and rock female.
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wow that girl looks hot.
btw thanks apoc for my char f skin!
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here is mine agian just uptaded:

[Image: janniepng.gif]

what you think?
[Image: 2aGKf.png]

My Sprites

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kinda wearing boyish pants:)
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