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[released][char]: Reaper.
Give the rowing frames an ik:8 if you want it to hit only characters.
Keep in mind that you have to play around with the centers and the dvs though.

(03-22-2009, 07:38 PM)KaywonnJuto Wrote:  Couldn't you have made a rudolf ~! dash...
it would look better...than the rowing...
I agree with KJ.
A character instantly transforming into a ball for the rowing frames won't look good in-game.
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it's a bit stupid to write a post only to write ok, but... ok. For me it looked quite acceptable, but I also want other people to play with him.:D
( However It'll take some time till I changed it. I'm first going to do the easy things. Just look at my first post to see the progress.)
and about the hitting with rowing frames. Don't know why, but somehow it sounds strange for me. Anyway, when I change the sprite, making damage would be unlogical.
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Well it looks very good :D .. And this is the first reaper char i think (lolz)

but pls paint a face! i need a face :D i cant life without a face :D
but the idea is epic

for the rowing:
[Image: neubitmap4.png]
what do ya think about this? now it looks silly but in gameplay ? :D
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I'm sorry I didn't come up here for a while. Thank you for your credits, although I don't deserve them probably. ^.^
I think the new graphical design the Reaper has now in your sprites is great. The color, the eyes, the scythe... everything is good as it is.
According to your comments about my first posts (I know, it has been a long time since then^^): It' alright, I didn't want/expect you to use ALL of my suggestions about moves - I think this would overload the character together with the moves you would give him already.^^ I just thought to give you a variety you could choose the things you like from.

So, I think everything is done well now. I look forward to playing this character and hope you'll finish this some day. =)

Best wishes,
~ Mario
[Image: 15869xb0.png]
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ah, a new post I didn't want to write :)
ok, @ DarkFirzenEX:
I'll try to do a face, but it will take some time. I haven't done a face before. First goal is finishing the first spritesheet.
Your idea of the rowing is basically what I wanted to do. At least I think that's what Rudolf does in his rowing. If not, then I'll also try your idea.
@ marioverraeter
(03-27-2009, 12:06 PM)Marioverraeter Wrote:  Hello,
I'm sorry I didn't come up here for a while. Thank you for your credits, although I don't deserve them probably. ^.^
no problem. And I think you deserve it. If you hadn't these ideas, my Reaper would be a char just hacking around with his hoe. How boring.
And I also haven't forgotten the attacks I haven't mentioned. If I have nothing to do after finishing everything I want to, I#ll maybe also add some catching moves. Could be quite funny.

so to have at least some new sprites to post:
[Image: reapertry2.png]
two of them aren't done yet.
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isn't your avatar the face of reaper?
Feel free to check out My Sprites
"A mistake is simply another way of doing things."
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*random act of kindness*
[Image: 52520946.png]
credit would be nice ;)
Thanks given by: Reaper
nice alec what prog did u use??
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wow, looks really good, just not that scary. Probably because of the background colour. I try to do a face by myself( as I said in another thread: I want to say "I did this character (nearly) completely on my own"), but probably it will look awful. Then I'll take yours.
However: Please don't post any other sprites. As I haven't sprited any faces, I'll maybe take alectric's. But I won't use any other sprites. Even if my burning frames will look awful, I want to do them myself.
@chase123: It's taken out of another game. Don't know which. Anyway it isn't done by myself and I don't know who I would have to credit or wether I'm allowed to use it.
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I like the face but the sprite looks too thin
(srry i didn't read much just look at sprites and they are really nice ;))
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