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Your Favorite Music
lol I am still Radiohead addicted, but now I'm quite listening to every of their songs.

Do you guys know the band Sulek?
It's actually a small local band in the US. One of their tracks of their not yet released new album made me addicted. It's called "Marigold" (not a cover, I know another band has a song with the same title).

Where do I know it from, then?
Well, there's a certain touching "Valentine's Day 2009" flash movie...
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Hey guys ! My friend gave me this track when I went to visit my cousins in Malayshia. I had to sit in the airplane for 10 straight hours ! That really reeked but this song really makes me jump. It's in a different language but I want u guys to just concentrate on how he sings and I really think that you'll love the background music. Here's download Link. Enjoy !

What ya guys think ? I doubt you'll understand what he's saying. Cause I mastered 7 languages so it's no problem for me.
Note : I suggest u listen to it with head-phones opn with full volume. That is how u can listen to one one detail in the background music.
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is it malay?? for the song i like the beat dude nice song!
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ince song i listened to it before once on malay an once on arabic same music only diffrent language
shure do like the beat!
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