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[CHARs/MOD] Trio Mortale
I guess that the error shows because the face pic is missing... Maybe you haven't moved the face pic properly?

TITLE: a idea
make cave for bear?
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You have to many entries in your data.txt!

This mod uses pretty much entrys, so, if you had another "mod" or char-set installed, you could reacht the 100 entry limit and then EXACTLY that error occurs, that you have discribed.

I recommend following:
Make a renamed copy of your previous data.txt.
Delete all additional entrys (so take the basic data) and THEN add the entries for this mod.

That should work ^^
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Usually I don't play mods with only recolored sprites, but after everyone's comments I'll give it a try. Doesn't look to bad. Eager to give it a try.

(BTW, snorsorbet, I seriously sat there and went trough all the spoilers.)
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sorry for gravedigging, but the download link is broken. can anyone reupload(same for sile,crimson princess)?
make sure to check my sprites!
I guarantee your eyes won't hurt! At least, they won't hurt too much :p !
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