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Contest #2: Background Challenge
Weird, tried it a while ago and it was working, but now I get the same msg... I'll have reupload it I guess.
I indexed all the layers since like I said there is a big layer animated and that's wasting lots of space... but I kinda like the effect it gives (LF2 has the same effect, for example, in Queen Island volcano layers)
About the battle area I always make it dark since it hurts my eyes to have a very bright one (And it makes the back layer more... colorfull or whatever, dunno how to explain it xD)

Edit: Forgot to fix the bg folder location (I have different folders than the original LF2), thx Azriel (Sorry to whoever downloaded the wrong version).

Fixed in the original post.
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that's understandable
it wont load any of the bmp's?
i made sure it was all in the right folder and everything, and was in right diretory
and it says cant create surface?
can someone else test it to see that its not just me who is whacked out?
OOOHHH it was a mistake in the readme
you said:
id: 16 file: bg\sys\gr\bg.dat
but bg.dat says
files: bg\gr\bg.dat
may wanna fix that ;)

wow...nice background...really
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Check my last post xD
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@apoc: wow...very nice beackground ...esrecially because u did all by yourself without ripped sprites...the water animation is very smooth and looks just awesome
[Image: 165.gif]
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Thanks =p
I putted special care on the water animations, had to redo the first waterfall because it wasn't smooth enough like two times xD
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Your - Background - is - ABSOLUTLY GREAT!

What the f*** ! All you backgrounds are awesome!

The only thing i don't like that much is that the same waterfalls are on the left and the right side.
Maybe it would be better to make any other object and replace the two waterfalls on the left or the right.
But of course that would be a lot of work.

It is fun to fight on the bg because it's a very beutiful atmosphere.

I hope you will do some more backgrounds.
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Thanks for the positive comment ^^

You give me a good idea, maybe I'll replace the waterfalls at the right with other object after the contest, since lots of people told me about this already =p

And yeah, I'll do more backgrounds (I have one at 80% and one at 50%), but they are a bit old (But those aren't nature ralated: which is good at this point lol)
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Alright, that's it. Thank you for participating, and let's go over to the voting :)
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