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Kingdom-LF2 DC Tech - Stage Music
I found a new and better (in my opinion) way for sound music: You all know that itr/kind 8
makes an object go to a type 0 bdy, and you also know that it's just a place-correction
if you note the same frame in the dvx-term of the itr - so then look at this frame:

<frame> 307 rain-soundball
   pic: 1000  state: 3005  wait: 80  next: 307
   sound: sprite\stage-sound\rain.wav
      kind: 8  x: -5000  y: 50000  w: 10000  h: 9500  dvx: 307  injury: 0  zwidth: 500

It's a type3 ball, activated through a type5 object in stage mode. In Kingdom LF2 the LF's
have bdy's from y: 50000 (h: 500) to y: 59000 (h: 500), so the itr area noted there will
react on all little fighters and stay with the character - you'll hear the sound all
the time (it's the stay-shield method with sound-function, nothing more). The only
problem you might have is with LF-Enemies in Stage Mode. It might happen that the sound
stay with them and if you're to far away you don't hear it anymore...

Hmm, not so good I think. It's ways too complicated than spawning an object that makes the music.
+You have to edit every character to let the music play, so it might wont be a that good idea, I think...

Lol, didnt think of this since I had them edited anyways...

Turue, then the old way is better smilie

you should try to put a special boss music there - then its perfectly fine
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