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Spriting programs
(01-23-2009, 11:49 AM)MH-Razen Wrote:  but it's very hard to use.
(01-23-2009, 11:00 AM)kubamaster93 Wrote:  but it's very hard.

could anyone tell me exactly why you think its ... hard to use? ...
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Well, personally I always use ms paint (cause it's the easiest thing...)
anyway idk how to use an of the lastest stuff...
This thread gave me an idea to go with photoshop or Gimp...
Which one is better? or easier to use (since I hacven't used them...yet)
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Well, as for me, i mostly use mspaint. Yeah, very simple.
With special moves (ball, explosion, etc) and faces, i use photoshop (kinda suck)
I used to use photo filtre too, but since my computer broke down, i haven't used it any more

YinYin Wrote:could anyone tell me exactly why you think its ... hard to use? ...

Because, those are programs for editing picture, not so special in spriting.
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Photoshop can do anything that paint can do >.< . You just get a 1 pixel pen and volia... You have paint. Or you can use a 1 pixel brush and it does weird things with weird algorithms to change pixels around where you're drawing so that colors blend together.
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@kaywonn: use gimp or photofiltre at first cause they are free. if you get bored of them cause they dont have THAT much extras, get photoshop or another buyable graphic editor.

btw did anyone here ever tryed inkscape?
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Myself i use Adobe Photoshop 6.0
yes, 6.0
got it from my mother, better than nothing :P

I heard GraphicsGale is a good program optimized for spriting. Anybody tried it?
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(01-23-2009, 04:40 PM)~Zhyhm~ Wrote:  Because, those are programs for editing picture, not so special in spriting.
there is no special spriting program
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Adobe Photoshop. Dunno why people say it's hard to use. I don't think so.
Well yea, and for animation puposes, Adobe Flash. Pretty neat combination of these two ;)
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i use sometimes gimp or photofilter..but most i use photoshop...easy to use and u can do nearly all with it
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