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Noir's Useful Combo Collection For Online Fights!
Thx for the really nice combos. That must cost much time to afford them. There many i dunno too. I think, I'll acquire some of the combos for next time..
[Image: foxcnbannerbluesp8.png]
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Only things I miss are the key-inputs!
Please don't wonder when I suddenly dissapear for a while!
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Hypermodder Wrote:Only things I miss are the key-inputs!
lol you can find them out by watching them in the gif o_O
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it's not hard to figure them out. and i don't want to take away all of your work. but if you don't know something... ask me ;)
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nice work , thanks alot .
what doesnt kill you make you stronger cool
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can you please stop reviving old topics?
thank you very much
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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