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K-Freeze - My first character
DRAGGY! I love dragons, even when it's only a shape altered ice ball XD

I don't get, why people complain: The sprite is neither screwed up nor a already existing one (i know, it's c&ped, but still better then that sprites i use >.>) and the moves are both creative and good-looking ^^

Gratz on your work
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The sprite isn't bad but i have to say that the moves are really not creative.
I think most people who had start d.c. were making that kind of combos, me too.
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:thumbs up: 
Nice character! I like the column attack. Nice touch with the dragon. It seems like a counterpart to my first character, Firex (in more ways than one).
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really nice char i ll give u that. good balanced the sprites r awesome!! aspecialy liked the freezang dragon attack so cool.
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nice char. hes improved and has great moves.
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