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Moving back and forth without the running and walking frames
i need this for my fly it possible?
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can you please explain it more clearly?

My understanding is one of two things:

A. You want to change directions--use something like a hit_j with a negative frame number.
B. You want to move on the z-axis--use dvz:2 in every other flying frame and dvz:550 in the ones without dvz:2.

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i know how to do the negative number i want to do it with the arrow keys
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frame 110 and 212 can change direction with arrows
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so do i put my fly frames with those frames states?
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Since frame 110 is the first defend-frame, I'd say you should take frame: 212 (which is the last jumping-frame). Regardless of the state you're using, you can still turn around.
Dunno if this works but I remember somebody talking about something similar that has been realized with state: 5. Try it, I don't really remember... :(
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